What Are Factory Built Fireplaces?

Is your master suite missing a little charm and romance? Do you wish you could add a fireplace to a room in your home that lacks one? It’s time to take a look at factory built fireplaces! Factory built fireplaces are metal and refractory brick fireplaces that are designed to operate in conjunction with a U.L. tested metal chimney system. Unlike fireplace inserts, factory built fireplaces are not retrofitted into existing masonry fireplaces.

Factory built fireplace systems are prefabricated or built in the factory, so they have some advantages over masonry fireplaces. For example:

  • Factory built fireplaces aren’t built by a mason inside your home, so you don’t have to worry about hours and hours of labor and construction, which can be costly and disruptive.
  • Because factory built fireplaces are designed and manufactured (not built on-site), you know exactly what your fireplace will look like — looks won’t depend upon the skill of a mason.
  • Factory built fireplaces are typically built of lightweight materials designed to resemble your favorite stone or brick. Because these materials are lightweight, factory built fireplaces can be installed in rooms that don’t have the footing to support the weight of a masonry fireplace.
  • Factory built fireplaces are typically more efficient than traditional open fireplaces.
  • Factory built fireplaces are U.L. tested to work with a prefabricated chimney, so if you don’t have a masonry chimney, no worries.
  • Factory built fireplaces are typically more affordable than masonry fireplace construction.

However, there are some advantages masonry fireplaces have over factory built fireplaces, like length of service life. Masonry fireplaces can last decades when well-cared for, but factory built fireplaces will need to be replaced at some point.

How Long Do Factory Built Fireplaces Last & Why Do They Need To Be Replaced?

Factory built fireplaces are made of metal components, which means that, over time, they’re susceptible to rust and part failure, and simply not designed to last forever. They’re more like ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances that homeowners expect to replace at some point. So how long do factory built fireplaces last? Well, on average, 20-30 years when well-maintained. It can be difficult or impossible to find replacement parts when parts fail, especially if the manufacturer is no longer in business, which is another reason these systems are typically replaced, not repaired.

Why Choose A Superior Factory Built Fireplace?

All American’s team of professionals has been installing and maintaining factory built fireplaces for years, and we’ve seen the different levels of quality and craftsmanship out there. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers Superior factory built fireplaces, which are just that — superior. Enjoy more flames per BTU, faster installation, countless designs and options, and reduced emissions.

Superior offers both gas and woodburning fireplaces in a variety of styles and designs, from modern see-through units and multi-view units to beautiful stone styles and clean, simple, classic units. Whatever you’re after, we’ll help you find the perfect factory built fireplace for your space.

Is Installation A DIY Thing?

While you may be tempted to install a new factory built fireplace yourself, it’s not encouraged. These systems are U.L. tested and approved as safe only when they’re installed and used exactly as intended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s instructions MUST be followed to the letter for your safety. Additionally, professional installation is typically required if you want your warranty to be honored.

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