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Our chimney sweep information and resources:

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

All American Chimney Service, LLC has a satisfaction guarantee that is second to none. We will do it right the first time (owner must be present at the time of service), or we will come back until it has been done right.

Following the guidelines put out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). These inspections are important because they can prevent fires, CO poisonings and expose minor maintenance issues that can prevent substantial repair work in the future. Call All American Chimney Service at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

What We Do And How We Do It:

In order to keep our no mess guarantee, we place clean drop clothes in front of your fireplace and surrounding area. Once we are sure there is nothing breakable in the area or anything else we deem necessary to take into consideration, we set up an industrial strength vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter that prevents any dust or soot from escaping the fireplace, preventing it from entering your home.

Next, we prepare to sweep the firebox with hand brushes. Depending on your type of fireplace and the level of buildup we clean the top of the flue using either brushes or rods. If necessary, we use a whirling porcupine brush attached to a drill which cleans the sooty smoke chamber. Oftentimes, the damper requires cleaning, inspection, and adjustment to its assembly as well.

While sweeping, we also perform parts of the visual level 1 inspection which continues with a closed-circuit video inspection of the interior portion of your chimney and flue. Using this type of technology allows us to digitally document the condition of your chimney from the inside. This helps us to be sure of your family’s safety. A visual inspection of the outside portion of the chimney completes the process. If we have access, we can do a complimentary chimney top inspection of the crown and cap.

Anything of importance is documented with digital photos for your evaluation. You are also provided with a condition report for the system, and we will answer any questions you might have.

Chimney Inspections:

Chimney Inspections with Closed Circuit Video Scan

The only way to accurately give homeowners complete information in regard to their chimney system is to provide a complimentary closed circuit video scan with every chimney inspection we do. This allows All American Chimney Service, LLC to stay true to one of our primary missions: make sure homeowners have the best information so they can make the best decisions. In providing this to you, we know it gives you peace of mind regarding the current condition of your fireplace as well as a plan of action if repairs are needed.

What Exactly Is A Video Scan?

We have found that Chim-scan products are the best technology for high resolution video on the market today. With this technology, we are able to see the condition of your fireplace and chimney at close range. Not only are we able to see your system from the inside, we are able to take pictures and show you the condition of the interior of the appliance so you can make a good decision about any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed. It’s a much better solution to diagnosing chimney and flue issues than the use of a flashlight, which is typically what was used in the past. While some people have stated that this means more repairs, we find that addressing needed repairs sooner actually saves you money in the long run.

Three Levels of Chimney Inspections:

Chimney inspections are broken down into 3 levels by The National Fire Protection Association due to specific scope and criteria. They have adopted these levels of chimney inspection into code NFPA 211 and every professional chimney sweep bases their own standard of services on these same set of codes.

Do I Really Need a Chimney Inspection?

The following criteria are set apart in the codes as reasons to have an inspection. However, it is recommended to have your chimney swept annually, whether you meet this criteria, or not:

  • Recent purchase of a home.
  • Your fireplace has been dormant for a long period of time.
  • You’re having performance issues with your fireplace, chimney or heating system.

When a fireplace is dormant for a long period of time, unwanted pests have the opportunity to make their home in your chimney and clog your flue. Rust can also damage the metal parts of the chimney if water gets into the system. We often forget about the winter freeze/thaw effect that can cause weather related deterioration and, if left unchecked or not maintained properly, can affect the structural integrity of your chimney.

Call us today and schedule a chimney inspection at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

Sweeps & Inspection

Guaranteed: No-Mess Chimney Service

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all chimneys servicing a wood burning fireplace or appliance be swept annually. In section 211.13.2 of the NFPA codes it states that residential chimneys and fireplaces shall be inspected at least once a year. While standard fireplaces are what most assume chimney sweeps clean and maintain, we also routinely service wood stove inserts as well as free standing wood stoves. Our goal is to leave the area around your fireplace cleaner than when we arrived because we have homes too, and know how important it is to treat it with respect and care.

About our chimney sweeps:

While most would assume we only clean and maintain standard fireplaces, we also routinely service wood stove inserts as well as free standing wood stoves. Our goal is to leave the area around your fireplace cleaner than when we arrived because we have homes too, and know how important it is to treat it with respect and care.

To get started with scheduling your chimney sweep & inspection with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.


Don’t call a roofer, we fix leaky chimneys!

Our job is to make your chimney repair easy and efficient. If you notice that your chimney is having structural or internal issues, schedule an appointment (call or online), discuss the report with your certified technician, choose a repair option, and then pick a date and time for the repair!

Solve your chimney problem in 3 easy steps:

Chimney construction is far more complex than an initial impression might give. Proper Chimney construction requires expertise in chimney venting, masonry, roofing, and carpentry. The expert diagnosis and repair of chimneys likewise require competency in all of these fields as they pertain to your chimney. Our CSIA certified chimney professionals follow a proven systematic approach that evaluates your chimney system in its entirety and create a custom report and repair solutions tailored specifically to your home.

To get started with scheduling your chimney leak repair with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

chimney leak repairs
chimney repairs & rebuilds

Repair & Rebuild

Best Chimney Repair and Rebuild in Louisville

Typically, chimney repairs and rebuilds are caused by one of three things: Weather, Neglect, and Time.

While weather and time are out of your control, neglect can be completely avoidable. You cannot always anticipate the issues that may arise from poor construction or maintenance when purchasing or building a new home, which is why it is extremely important to have your chimney, fireplace, furnace, and other heating and venting systems routinely inspected.

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As part of the inspection, a video camera takes images throughout the system to check on internal damage to the areas that are not easily visible. Once problems or potential issues are seen and documented, we gather as much information as possible, in order to discuss your options with you so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

What to Do About Repairs

Ranging from minimal to severe, there are many types of repairs. While some are minor, others are extremely important and your unit should not be used until they have been completed. Many are common to the following and you can get detailed information by clicking on each one.

  • Chimney Masonry
  • Chimney Leaks
  • Parge Smoke Chamber

The Difference Between Repairs and Rebuilds

Repairs fix a part of the system that has been broken or damaged. Rebuilds, sometimes called restorations, consist of reconstructing a portion of the chimney system, such as a ceramic chimney liner or portion of a masonry chimney that has been damaged by lightning or fire. Whether you need a repair or a rebuild, All American Chimney Service, LLC is certified and trained to help. Give us a call at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

To get started with scheduling your chimney repair & rebuild with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.


Does Your Chimney Need Relining?

We take great care when feeding the video camera through the chimney liner and flue, while conducting an inspection. The liner and flue are two very important parts to the proper functionality of the entire chimney system. Smoke, carbon monoxide, and creosote have been known to escape through these cracks and become wedged between the liner and the chimney walls, which can be dangerous if left unrepaired.

Your chimney should have a non-combustible liner that forces all of the smoke, gases, and other matter up your chimney to the outside. Depending on the age of your home, you may have a chimney liner made of many different materials, which means there are many different fixes.

There are times when breaks in the liner can cause combustible materials to seep into other parts of your home including the attic, walls, ceilings, and even through air vents into other rooms. This alone can produce potential life-threatening conditions you should be aware of.

To get started with scheduling your chimney relining with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Your Chimney May Need Relining If...

The best way to know if you need a new chimney liner is by having a qualified chimney sweep do a video inspection to see the condition of the liner. All American Chimney Service offers this as a complimentary service with any of your chimney inspections because we know this is where most safety problems are hidden.

You may need a new liner if smoke is no longer going up the chimney and is backing up in your home. Odors coming from your chimney can indicate creosote build-up along with soot, which can mean there are problems with gaps in the liner. A draft can also be an indication of chimney liner issues. However, you will not be able to know how badly it is damaged until a video scan is performed.

Having your chimney cleaned and inspected with a video scan on an annual basis is the best way to determine the condition of the liner. Holes brought on by water, rust in metal liners, tiles that are no longer lined up correctly or are naturally deteriorating on a clay tile liner, as well as chips and gaps from normal wear and tear, can only be determined when they are seen.

If left undone, you could have structural issues leading to expensive restoration and repairs including other portions of the system that end up being damaged by falling clay tiles.

Missing Chimney Liners & Chimney Liner Incompatibility

Outside of damage, there are only two reasons you should have to change the liner in your chimney system. The first, incompatibility, which can occur when you change from one type of heating system to another. Second, if you own a home that doesn’t have a liner in place. Common in historic homes, you are required to bring the fireplace and chimney up to codes and standards. That means installing a chimney liner which will add life to the system and be much safer for you and your family.

The #1 Reason for Chimney Fires

Faulty chimney liners are the number one reason for chimney fires. That’s why All American Chimney Service, LLC is dedicated to making sure this part of your chimney is inspected. We put our service where our heart is by offering a complimentary video scan.

Call us today and find out the condition of your chimney liner. All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

Chimney Caps and Chase Cover Replacement Service

Caps & Chase Covers

Protect your chimney from pests, weather, and more!

Chimney Caps and Chase Covers sit on top of the chimney and can easily rust or be damaged. In many instances, you will never know there is a problem until it is already too late. Catching these small repairs before you have big problems is important, which is why having an inspection every year is a great idea. An uncapped chimney is dangerous, and if you do not currently have one, you need to get one put on as soon as possible. Without it, you have an uncovered hole on your roof!

Without a chimney cap, there will be a great place for nesting birds and small animals to burrow, allows water from rain and snow into the chimney system that can lead to moisture, causing damage and potentially expensive repairs, and burning embers and sparks escaping through an open chimney can be a fire hazard. These embers can easily land in dry leaves on your roof or in your yard.

Reasons why you need a chimney cap:
Protect Your Home

Protecting your home with a chimney cap is one of the single most cost effective ways to prevent damage to your home and reduce fire hazards. Here is a partial list of problems we see on service runs every day. These could be avoided had the home only been properly protected by a chimney cap or an energy saving damper.

  • Critters of all kinds love flues without chimney caps.
  • Bird droppings that turn to dust and enter the home can cause histoplasmosis.
  • Old broken and rusted chimney damper caused by rain and snow.

– Birds

Birds find the chimney top a good place to perch. They are often overcome by the carbon monoxide being released, and after their early demise, fall into the flue. Over time, it becomes clogged and the water heater is unable to vent properly, leading to costly repairs.

– Spalling

Spalling occurs when water is absorbed into the clay tile material and then breaks apart during the freeze-thaw cycle. Did you know water expands 9% when it freezes? This type of damage is preventable with a chimney cap, keeping water out.

Why Consider Replacing the Chimney’s Chase Cover?

Most prefabricated fireplaces that are installed end up with a galvanized chase cover that rusts out over time. If not caught, you will begin to see a stain that runs down from the top of the chimney. By the time this happens, you most likely have water in the chimney system and possibly rust throughout. We recommend replacing the chase cover with a stainless steel cover that has a lifetime warranty to extend the life of a prefabricated fireplace’s chimney system.

Don’t let this happen to you! Call All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 today or request an appointment online to install a chimney cap or new chase cover.

To get started with scheduling your chimney cap installation or replacement with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Smoke Chamber Parging

The Case for Smoke Chamber Parging

Often you hear about relining the flue and repairing the firebox, but you don’t necessarily hear about the space between these two areas. The smoke chamber is an upside-down funnel where the smoke and hot gases gather before they are drawn up the flue and out the chimney. If this area is damaged in any way, it could potentially keep the gases in the chamber, allowing them to come back into the home.

Parging a smoke chamber is the process of sealing the inside surfaces with a layer of mortar in order to close off any cracks or gaps to ensure that the only escape route is up the flue. It is important that the eight-inch layer of mortar be smooth so that nothing blocks the path.

What we do:
A chimney technician will check to be sure that the lower flue tile is sealed correctly to the smoke chamber. Oftentimes this is missed, allowing gasses and carbon dioxide to pass through the tile and into the home. Because this is such a critical area of the chimney, the materials used when parging have been tested and designed specifically for smoke chamber deficiencies. Considered an insulating mortar with the ability to stick to vertical and inverted surfaces with ease, the materials add structural strength while reducing conduction to combustible materials, keeping the fireplace from smoking up your home.

If you’ve been experiencing smoke in your home, this could be the culprit. Call us at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

To get started with scheduling your smoke chamber parging with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Smoke Chamber Parging Service
creosote removal service

Creosote Removal

Get rid of dangerous chimney creosote and reduce chimney odors the safe and easy way.

At American Chimney & Fireplace, we care about your home and safety. Improving the performance and maintenance of thousands of chimneys in Kentucky and Indiana, we make them safer so that your experiences around the fireside are memorable for all of the right reasons.

What Does Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) Do?

Allowing us to remove level three glazed creosote from the smoke chamber, flue tiles, or stainless-steel liner, Poultice Creosote Remover works in a unique way. Once applied, it begins absorbing the creosote right away. As the product dries, the creosote begins to flake and fall off of the flue walls or smoke chamber, taking the creosote down with it.

Any residue or deposits left behind can then be easily removed using traditional chimney sweeping techniques. Depending on where your glazed creosote is located, we can use a brush, sprayer, or specially designed tool that moves from the top to the bottom of the flue to apply the product.

Why Choose PCR For The Job?

Attempting to remove glazed creosote is ineffective and can actually end up damaging your chimney system or exposing you and your family to noxious odors and dangerous chemicals without it.

It completely eliminates level three glazed creosote which is a highly flammable deposit that could easily start a house fire.

PCR makes the job relatively easy and quick.

The product was designed by ChimneySaver, the leader in chimney protection and a company we’ve come to trust.

How Can You Tell If You Have Creosote Buildup?

Signs of creosote problems include: hot, damp, odors, excessive smoke, popping sounds, and creosote flakes in your fireplace. The best way to identify and prevent creosote buildup in your chimney is to have it inspected annually. Your Chimney Service Technician will look for any creosote deposits and let you know whether or not it is time to schedule a sweep or a PCR service.

Your fireplace should bring you warmth and comfort, not unpleasant odors or concern. Let the team at All American Chimney Service make sure your fireplace is ready to use by scheduling your annual inspection and sweeping.

Call 502-435-2364 or click here to request your appointment today.

To get started with scheduling your creosote removal with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Energy Saving Dampers

Save Money with Energy Saving Dampers

Lock-Top-Energy-Saving Dampers seal off the flue at the top of the flue rather than off the top of the firebox, as a traditional throat damper would. This allows the temperature in your home to stay the same, costing you less to heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Studies show you can save up to ten percent of heat loss during the colder months of the year. You could possibly save up to $200 a Year Up the Chimney!

More about dampers:
Located at the top of the firebox in the throat of the chimney system, throat dampers are made of cast iron to withstand the high temperatures and wear and tear they endure over the years. They can easily slip or come out of the frame they are housed in, which is metal as well. This metal-to-metal seal causes a lot of the leak and draft issues you see with fireplaces. Studies show you can lose as much as $200 a year from the use of a brand new throat damper, so you can only imagine what you might lose with an older, rusted one.

Why this Damper is Considered “Energy Saving”

Acting as a ‘storm door’ for your fireplace, the Lock-Top Energy-Saving Damper has a rubber gasket seal that fits tightly on its frame. Keeping all the things you want kept out such as small animals, birds, and rain; and keeping in all the heat and cool that you spend so much of your hard-earned money on.

How it Works

The Lock-Top Damper mounts on top of the chimney flue and operates from the interior of the firebox by a handle. When a fire is wanted you open it, and close it once the fire has been extinguished. The damper seals tightly every time it is closed, eliminating any draft and saving you money.

Contact All American Chimney Service, LLC today at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online!

To get started with scheduling your energy saving damper installation with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Energy Saving Dampers Installation Service


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"Phillip and Joe were excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. I have used All American before and found them to be the best. My oldest stone chimney was built in 1790. If you want it done right call them. You will be glad you did."

- John C.

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"Christian was one of the best service providers I have ever had! He was on time, professional, and just a really nice person. He explained everything in detail to me and answered any questions I had. I also have a very friendly dog who took a liking to him and he was so generous giving her all the pets! I would highly recommend using All American Chimney Service for all your fireplace and chimney needs!"

- Adi S.

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