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The Case for Smoke Chamber Parging

You often hear about relining the flue and repairing the firebox but you don’t hear about the area that is in-between these two very important areas: the smoke chamber. In this area the smoke and hot gasses gather before they are sucked up the flue and outside the chimney. As you can clearly see, if this area has any gaps or breaks or is damaged in any way, it could potentially keep those gasses in the chamber, allowing them to come back into the home and not up the flue.

Smoke Chamber Video from SaverSystems on Vimeo.

Parging a smoke chamber is the process of making sure the inside surfaces are sealed with a layer of mortar to close off any breaks or gaps so nothing escapes anywhere except up the flue. The area is nothing more than an upside down funnel for the side effects of the fire to escape. However, it’s important that the 8” thick layer of mortar be smooth so nothing blocks the route.

Smoke-Chamber-Parging-Before-1     Smoke-Chamber-Parging-After-1

A chimney technician will also go in and check to make sure the lower flue tile is sealed correctly to the smoke chamber. Many times this is missed and creates a situation where gasses and CO2 can escape through the tile and possibly into the home.

The materials we use when parging have been tested and designed specifically for smoke chamber deficiencies. It is also considered an insulating mortar and able to stick to vertical and inverted surfaces with ease. Because this is such a critical area of the chimney, the material adds structural strength while reducing conduction to combustible materials. In a nutshell, it helps keep the fireplace from smoking up your home!

Smoke-Chamber-Parging-Before-2     Smoke-Chamber-Parging-After-2

Call All American Chimney Service, LLC for a video inspection so we can see what’s going on in the smoke chamber. If you’ve been experiencing smoke in your home, this could be the culprit. Call us at 502-435-2364 request an appointment online.


Regular chimney cleaning is a big step towards knowing your home is safer for you and your loved ones. All American can schedule this critical chimney service, so contact us today.

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