Save Money with Energy Saving Dampers

As you can see by the picture below, Lock-Top-Energy-Saving Dampers seal off the flue at the top of the flue and not the top of the firebox like a traditional throat damper. The reason this is important has to do with the temperature of the space between the top of the firebox and the top of the flue. When the temperature is the same as in your home, it costs less to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. In fact, studies show you save up to 10% of heat loss during the colder months of the year.

$200 a Year Up the Chimney!

As mentioned above, throat dampers are located at the top of the firebox and literally in the throat of the chimney system. Made of cast iron to withstand the high temperatures and wear and tear over the years, throat dampers can easily slip or come out of the frame they are housed in, which is metal as well. This metal-to-metal seal causes a lot of the leak and draft issues for fireplaces. Some studies show you lose as much as $200 a year from the use of a brand new throat damper. Just think what you are losing with an older, rusted one.

Energy Saving Dampers

Why this Damper is Considered “Energy Saving”

Since the Lock-Top Energy-Saving Damper has a rubber gasket seal that fits tightly on its frame, you save a lot of money. It acts as a storm door of sorts for your fireplace and chimney system keeping all the things you want kept out such as small animals, birds and rain. That includes the heat and cool that you spend so much of your everyday dollars on to keep in your home. And remember, this can actually saves up to $200 real dollars every year!

How it Works

The Lock-Top Damper is mounted on the top of the chimney flue and is operated from the interior of the firebox by a handle that is easily located. You open it when a fire is wanted and close it once the fire has been extinguished. The damper seals tightly every time it is closed thus eliminating draft and saving you money.

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The proper chimney cap or chase cover can protect your chimney from such things as water leaks and animal nests. With their chimney service expertise, All American can advise you on what you need.

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