Guaranteed: No-Mess Chimney Sweeping

Absolutely 100% No Mess Guarantee!

The National Fire Protection Association recommends all chimneys servicing a wood burning fireplace or appliance be swept annually. Stated in section 211.13.2 of the NFPA codes is residential chimneys and fireplaces shall be inspected at least once a year.

Most people think there is going to be a mess. We say, absolutely not! We all have homes just like you do so we know how important it is to treat it with respect and care. That’s why it’s our goal to leave the area around your fireplace cleaner than when we arrived.

While standard fireplaces are what most assume sweeps clean and maintain, we also routinely service wood stove inserts and free standing wood stoves. If you have one of these units please click on the image for additional information.

What We Do and How We Do It

In order to keep our promise of absolutely no mess, we will place clean drop clothes in-front of your fireplace and the surrounding area. Once that has been done and we make sure there is nothing breakable in the area or anything else we deem necessary to take into consideration, we set up an industrial strength vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter that prevents any dust or soot from escaping the fireplace and entering into your home.

We prepare to sweep the firebox with hand brushes, then up inside of your chimney to the top of the flue using either brushes or rods depending on your type of fireplace and the level of buildup.  Then, if necessary, we use a whirling porcupine brush attached to a drill which seriously cleans the sometimes stubbornly sooty smoke chamber.  The damper often requires cleaning, inspection and adjustment to its assembly as well.

Chimney Cleaning
While sweeping, we are also performing many parts of the visual level 1 inspection that continues with a closed circuit video inspection of the interior portion of your chimney and flue. Using this type of technology allows us to digitally document the condition of your chimney from the inside. This helps us to make sure of your family’s safety.

We finish this process with a visual inspection of the outside portion of the chimney. If we have access, we also do a complementary chimney top inspection of the crown and cap.

Anything of importance is documented with digital photos for your evaluation. You are also provided with a condition report for the system and we will answer any questions you might have.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

technician cleaning the chimneyAll American Chimney Service, LLC has a satisfaction guarantee that is second to none! We will do it right the first time (owner must be present at the time of service), or we will come back until it is right!

We follow the guidelines put out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). These inspections are important because they can prevent fires, CO poisonings and expose minor maintenance issues that can prevent substantial repair work in the future. Call All American Chimney Service at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

“All American Chimney Service, LLC was fantastic, personable and professional. They not only did an excellent job but educated my wife and I on a host of topics related to chimneys and safety. We would definitely call this company again.”
Mr. Michael Budniak, Louisville, KY
Review of All American Chimney Service
At All American Chimney Service, LLC, we can provide any level of chimney inspection that is appropriate for your situation, so let us help with this important chimney service.

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