Don’t Forget Furnace Flue Cleaning

Like a fireplace flue, your furnace and heating appliance venting system requires regular cleaning. Removing the particulate build-up that naturally develops should always be done by a professional. Using qualified technicians to scrub the interior chimney lining while the vacuum is hooked to the pipe leading up the chimney is the right thing to do. It’s similar to chimney sweeping, just as important and needs to be done annually as well.

Blockage Can Happen to Any Vented System

Blockage can occur in any vented system and any appliance that has a heating element in your home and should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. This guarantees continued safe operation. Certified Chimney Sweeps are fully trained to clean all types of furnace and heating appliance venting systems. Sweeping wood burning fireplace flues is only part of the job. The thorough service we offer ensures removal of dangerous materials that may be toxic to your health and damaging to your home.

One of the best times to have these appliances checked is prior to moving into a new home or before you install a new furnace in your existing home. This is a result of current units being high-capacity and energy efficient. They call for different venting specifications from the older units so we need to make sure what is present is compatible with the new unit.  Chimney technicians are skilled and trained at providing the best solution for any and all furnace and heating systems. We can help you with compatibility for all of your venting systems, old and new, including your furnace or heating appliances.

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Furnace FLue Cleaning
Keeping your chimney clean is important to the health and safety of you and your family, so take advantage now of this vital chimney service.

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