Chimney Specialist & Masonry Repair


Chimney Specialist & Masonry Repair


The need for masonry repair for chimneys is often created by fire, water, improper construction or poor maintenance. The type of damage–missing bricks, spalling, rust, etc.–will determine the type of treatment–tuck pointing, chimney rebuild or restoration, chimney crown repair or replacement. Our staff includes highly-skilled masons and chimney repair technicians that work hand in hand in all facets of masonry and chimney repair.

We have three qualities that place our masonry services in very high demand: exceptional quality, attention to detail and competitive pricing. There just is not another chimney company in the Louisville area that can say the same thing.

Firebox Repairs

It makes total sense that a firebox becomes weakened over time. The heat it endures as well as natural settling to a home can all do damage to a well-constructed and installed firebox. Our masonry chimney specialists have the training and experience to do full or partial rebuilds of the firebox so it looks and performs like new.


Tuck-pointing is needed when the mortar between the bricks is cracked or missing. By not taking care of these issues in a timely manner, it allows and promotes further water damage to take place, penetrate these same areas and spread to others. If left undone, you will end up with a far more expensive restoration on your hands.

Cracked or Crumbling Crowns

One of the most exposed parts of your chimney is the crown. It is a cement slab that tops off and seals the bricks on your chimney stack. Weather exposure alone can easily cause conditions that can crack the crown. Add age to it and you have a double whammy that can make a difference to any cement surface. Just look at a driveway.When cracks are left unsealed and open to the elements, water penetrates through the crown creating moisture damage to the crown itself as well as the bricks below and in some cases the metal parts of a chimney system. Add the freeze/thaw affect and the cracks will get bigger over time and the problem simply grows with them. The result will be moisture damage causing the bricks to flake apart, called “spalling” bricks with the crown eventually giving way and crumbling.

Crown Repair
Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney Rebuilds

There are times the damage to a chimney from lightning strikes or high winds are so severe that the only option is to rebuild it. A rebuild can consist of the entire chimney or just a portion, depending on the extent of the damage. Once the rebuild is done, we recommend protecting your new chimney with vapor-permeable based water repellent. Call All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

If you have problems with a leaking chimney, All American can help with the necessary repairs to stop the leaks and prevent further damage.

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