We Fix Leaky Chimneys

It sounds counter intuitive to call a chimney company when you think you might have a roof leak, but there are very good reasons to do just that when the leak is around a chimney system that is vented to the outside. There are a series of things that could potentially cause a leak in and around the fireplace and chimney.

Efflorescence – Picture 1
Spalling, Erosion – Picture 2
Bad flashing – Picture 3
Leaky crown – Picture 4
Shoulders/Corbels leaking – Picture 5

Leaky Chimney Issues

While the most common problem that attacks the integrity of a masonry chimney is water penetration, the reasons for this penetration can be varied. Much of the damage is caused by the natural staining and freeze/thaw damage that comes with the weather each year. Left alone over time, this can turn into structural failures that are directly attributed to water.

The truth is, pretty much everything you see is in a constant state of deterioration, and our chimneys are no different. What you may not know is they deteriorate at a rate that is 4 times faster than the rest of our home. That simply means that without proper preventive maintenance, all chimneys will eventually leak. If you set out to just fix or deter this one issue, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Don’t Call a Roofer to Fix a Leaky Chimney

Because we follow a proven 31-point water inspection procedure to diagnose your chimney, we already have proven methods and materials to solve your problems. We also have proven methods and materials to waterproof your chimney before the problems even start.

Please call All American Chimney Service, LLC at (502) 435-2364 to schedule your 31-point water inspection appointment today. You can also request an appointment online at your convenience.

Regular chimney inspections can uncover any problems with masonry that could require repair or rebuilding. Let All American help with this chimney service.

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