Does Your Chimney Need Relining?

When conducting an inspection, we take great care when feeding the video camera through the chimney liner and flue. These two parts are very important to the proper functionality of the entire system. Any breaks or openings that we find in the liner are potentially major issues that will have to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Smoke, CO2 and even creosote have been known to escape out these gaps and lodge between the liner and the chimney walls, which can be dangerous if left unrepaired.

The way your chimney should work is to have a non-combustible liner that takes all of the smoke, gases and other matter out of your chimney to the outside. Depending on the age of your home, you could have a chimney liner made of many different materials, which also means there are many different fixes. You will need to know if your chimney liner is made of clay tiles, cast masonry mixes, aluminum or stainless steel. Your chimney technician will be able to tell you if you don’t know.

There are times when breaks in the liner can cause combustible materials to seep into other areas of your home including the attic, walls, ceilings and even into the rooms through the air vents if they run close enough to where the break is. This alone can produce potential life-threatening conditions you should be aware of and why we take the chimney lining very seriously.

Steel Chimney Liner
Steel Chimney Liner

Does Your Chimney Need Relining?

The absolute best way to know if you need a new chimney liner is by getting a qualified chimney sweep to do a video as part of the inspection and just look and see the condition of the liner. All American Chimney Service, LLC does this as a complimentary service with all of your chimney inspections because we know this is where most safety problems are hidden away.

However, if you choose not to go the inspection route, you may need a new liner if smoke is no longer going up the chimney and is backing into your home. Odors coming from your chimney can indicate creosote has built up along with soot, which can mean there are problems with gaps in the liner. Other issues with draft can also be an indication of chimney liner issues but you will not be able to know how badly it is damaged until a video scan is performed.

The bottom line is having your chimney cleaned on an annual basis and having an inspection that includes a video scan is the best way to determine what’s going on with the liner in your chimney. Holes brought on by water and rust in metal liners, tiles that are no longer lined up correctly or naturally deteriorating on a clay tile liner along with chips and gaps from normal wear and tear can only be determined when they are seen.

If left undone, you will have structural issues that could lead to expensive restoration and repairs that could include other portions of the system that end up being damaged by falling clay tiles. It just makes sense to have the inspection done as quickly as possible when you know there is a potential problem.

Missing Chimney Liners & Chimney Liner Incompatibility

There are only two reasons you might have to change the liner in your chimney system outside of damage. The first is incompatibility and this happens when people change from one type of heating system to another. Per codes, the chimney liner has to meet the requirements of the new system. If it doesn’t, you will have to put in one that does. This is not an option and must be done.

The second is if you own an older home that doesn’t have a liner in place. This is common in historic homes in many areas and upgrades require bringing the fireplace and chimney up to codes and standards. That means installing a chimney liner. It will add life to the system and be much safer for you and your family.

Steel Chimney Liner

#1 Reason for Chimney Fires

Faulty chimney liners are the number one reason for chimney fires, period. That’s why All American Chimney Service, LLC is dedicated to making sure this part of your chimney is inspected every time. We care and we put our service where our heart is by offering a complementary video scan.

Call or contact us today and find out the condition of your chimney liner. You know you will feel better knowing than not. Call All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

In addition to increasing the safety of your chimney and fireplace system, All American can help with great energy savings as well. So check out our complete chimney services now.

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