Chimney Inspections with Closed Circuit Video Scan

The only way to accurately give homeowners complete information in regard to their chimney system is to provide a complimentary closed circuit video scan with every chimney inspection we do. This allows All American Chimney Service, LLC to stay true to one of our primary missions: make sure homeowners have the best information so they can make the best decisions. In providing this to you, we know it gives you peace of mind regarding the current condition of your fireplace as well as a plan of action if repairs are needed.


What Exactly Is a Video Scan?


We use the Chim-scan products as we find they are the best technology for high resolution video on the market today. With this technology we are able to see the condition of your fireplace and chimney system up close and personal. It’s a far better way to diagnose chimney and flue issues than the use of a flashlight shone up and down the flue, which is exactly what we used to do before Chim-scan.


Not only are we able to see your system from the inside, we are able to take pictures and show you the condition of the  interior of the appliance so you can make a very good decision about any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed. While some people have stated that this means more repairs, that’s not the case. We find that addressing needed repairs sooner actually saves you money. Many of the repairs, if left alone, mean big problems and major work down the line. Using this technology just makes sense for both us the technician and you the customer.

Three Levels of Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections are broken down into 3 levels by The National Fire Protection Association due to specific scope and criteria. They have adopted these levels of chimney inspection into code NFPA 211 and every professional chimney sweep bases their own standard of services on these same set of codes.

Do I Really Need a Chimney Inspection?

The following criteria are set apart in the codes as reasons to have an inspection. However, no matter what, it is recommended to have your chimney swept annually.

  • Performance issues with your fireplace, chimney or heating system.
  • Recent purchase of a home.
  • Your fireplace has been dormant for long time period.
When a fireplace is left alone for long periods of time, pests have the unique opportunity to make their home in your chimney and clog your flue. If water gets into the system, rust can also damage the metal parts of the chimney system.

We often forget about the winter freeze/thaw effect that can cause weather related deterioration throughout a masonry structure. If left unchecked or not maintained properly, it can affect the structural integrity of your chimney. Some of the repairs that are attributed to this wear and tear can be expensive.

If you have not had your heating or chimney appliance inspected over the last few years; don’t wait. Call today and schedule a chimney inspection. If you delay a chimney sweep and inspection, each day your chimney may be damaged a little bit more and will get to the place where you either cannot safely use it or the repairs might be more than you think. Needed repairs always become more costly and painful the longer you wait.

When you realize that every year there are over 200 million dollars in property damage, numerous personal injuries, carbon monoxide poisonings and lives lost because homeowners were using unsafe fireplace and venting systems, then you know just how important getting this done becomes. Scheduling an appointment now puts this at the top of your list where it should be at least once a year. Call All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment online.

Blocked Flue

Blocked Flue

Cracked Flue

Cracked Flue

It’s all part of the service from All American Chimney if you need to repair or rebuild your chimney, so give us a call today.

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