Water Heater & Furnace Liner Installation and Maintenance

Water heater and furnace venting problems are dynamic and many times not easily understood or diagnosed correctly, even by the installers themselves. Due to the extensive home damage and serious health concerns associated with improperly vented appliances, it is important to have this tenacious problem correctly identified the first time. Many times solutions vary and it is valuable to have a skilled techniction accurately explain all your available options . This will afford you the opportunity to make an educated decision for your family’s comfort and SAFETY.

Hot water furnaces and forced hot air furnaces both should be inspected annually. If you have a gas system, there is a type of buildup that is referred to as “scale” that forms when the byproducts of moisture and gas combine. If your unit has too much of this coating, it can result in below-average performance at best and possible carbon monoxide backing up into the home at worst. Systems that are not maintained properly can result in soot blowing through the house or sickness from CO2 poisoning. This is why every home with a gas appliance should also be equipped with a CO2 alarm for safety.

White residue on the masonry chimney is a telltale sign that mineral salts are coming through the brick due to extra moisture inside the chimney.  This moisture can also ruin walls and ceilings adjacent to the chimney. Just like with these masonry chimneys, when receiving regular maintenance, most major problems associated with furnace-venting systems can be avoided completely.

This short article says everything a homeowner needs to know about how important it is to secure the products of combustion of these appliances properly.

We install many types of venting systems and water heaters fit that description. If this is something that ever comes up, please call All American Chimney Service, LLC at 502-435-2364 or request an appointment  online immediately so we can help.

Since clogged dryer vents are a leading cause of  home fires, be sure to have yours inspected and cleaned by the trained experts at All American. This is an important home safety chore that you don’t want to ignore!

Water Heater & Furnace Liner Installation and Maintenance

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