What Is A Wood Fireplace Insert & How Is It Different From A Wood Fireplace?

Some people can’t imagine enjoying a fire without the look, heat, and crackle of real wood, but they long for a cleaner, more efficient fire than what they’re getting from their traditional open fireplace. That’s where wood fireplace inserts come in. A wood fireplace insert is a UL-listed wood appliance and liner system that’s fitted and installed into your existing fireplace. Unlike traditional open fireplaces, wood fireplace inserts are highly efficient and designed to bring maximum heat and efficiency with minimal emissions. Over the years, we’ve serviced wood fireplace inserts from several brands, but in our opinion, nothing beats an Enviro or Regency wood fireplace insert.

Why Choose An Enviro Or Regency Wood Fireplace Insert?

Enviro and Regency are two of the most trusted, highest-quality brands in the industry. Both are dedicated to pairing quality craftsmanship with the latest technology to bring homeowners the absolute best wood fireplace inserts. Some of the biggest benefits of opting for an Enviro or Regency wood fireplace insert:

  • Wood fireplace inserts put a stop to drafts.
  • They provide all of the warmth and benefits of a wood fire, without the typical waste associated with traditional open fireplaces.
  • They provide more complete combustion, which means you’ll enjoy more heat, longer burn times (up to 10 hours), and less emissions and waste, using less logs.
  • They’re highly efficient and approved by the EPA as clean-burning appliances.
  • They produce significantly lower emissions than traditional wood fireplaces, which means cleaner air for you and your family and a healthier, cleaner environment.
  • Their blowers help to distribute heat evenly throughout your space
  • They’re more affordable than a full fireplace rebuild.

Other features include radiant ceramic glass (which provides radiant warmth, similar to sunlight hitting your skin through the window), easy-to-control and adjust heat, and cool-to-the-touch handles.

Higher Efficiency + Lower Heating Bills?

Don’t want to run the heat all winter long? Some Enviro wood fireplace inserts are capable of heating spaces as large as 3000 square feet and boast efficiency levels upwards of 80%. Regency wood fireplace inserts are capable of heating large spaces as well and have 70%+ efficiency levels. So whether your space is large or small, these appliances can make great zone heaters for your home. They’re also available in a variety of styles, so whether your decor is classic or contemporary, you won’t have to settle with something that doesn’t quite fit with your style.

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