What Is A Gas Fireplace Insert & How Is It Different From A Gas Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace that just isn’t cutting it anymore? Are you looking for a better performing, more efficient option? Are you shopping for a hearth appliance that will really pack a punch and provide great zone heating without compromising the environment or your indoor air quality? A gas fireplace insert might be just right for you.

A gas fireplace insert is a UL-listed gas appliance and liner system that’s fitted and installed into an existing fireplace. It is classified as a room heater, whereas a traditional open fireplace is classified as a decorative appliance, which is why you can expect more from your fireplace insert, heat-wise. Heat, high-efficiency, and a clean burn? Sounds good!

At All American, we proudly offer our clients Valor direct vent gas inserts. What makes these so great? Read on!

Why Choose A Valor Direct Vent Gas Insert?

A Valor direct vent appliance is also known as a “smart fireplace,” and rightfully so. Installing one of these appliances is one of the smartest decisions you can make when upgrading your hearth. Unlike traditional open fireplaces, which use conditioned air from inside the home for combustion (air you’ve paid to heat), the Valor direct vent fireplace pulls air from outside the home through an engineered flue system. This air is fed to the fireplace for the combustion process and then siphoned back up the chimney and vented outside. Because there’s never a point where combustion products enter the home, this is referred to as a sealed system. These inserts are the perfect option for those with sensitivity to the fumes produced by a traditional open fireplace and for those who are having functionality issues with their existing fireplace system.

Some of the key benefits of Valor direct vent gas fireplace inserts:

  • They’re much more efficient than traditional or vent-free fireplaces.
  • They protect the integrity of the indoor air quality by keeping combustion products out of the air supply.
  • They don’t use your conditioned indoor air for combustion, so you aren’t funneling money up your chimney.
  • They don’t require you to have a window opened in the room they’re installed in when in use, while vent-free appliances do.
  • They can run for 24 hours a day if needed, while a vent-free appliance can only run for 2 hours max.

Lower Heating Expenses? Yes, Please!

Valor direct vent gas fireplace inserts can be used to heat spaces as large as 2,000 square feet, which makes them great zone heaters. Why heat your entire home when you could simply heat the area you are currently occupying? By using your direct vent gas fireplace insert to achieve zone heating (heating the area you’re in), you could see a significant reduction in your home’s heating expenses, all while enjoying the romance of the fire.

Enjoy Heat During A Power Outage

It doesn’t take long for the home to reach an uncomfortable temperature during a power outage. But with a Valor direct-vent gas fireplace insert, you’re taken care of. These “No Power, No Problem” smart fireplaces operate on battery power, which can reduce the stress of a power outage scenario by providing up to 36,000 BTUs of emergency heat. Valor fireplaces have engineered natural convection, which is when heat rises and leaves the heat source as cold air comes into the heat source. This cold air enters through the bottom, filters through the convective heat chambers, and cycles out into the home as warm air, with no noisy fan required and no electrician needed.

Valor units are also designed with neo-ceramic glass, which provides radiant heat, much like you feel when sunlight enters through a window and lands on your skin. Builder-grade units typically have tempered glass (as opposed to neo-ceramic glass), so you wouldn’t enjoy this wonderful benefit with a builder-grade unit.

Request An Appointment Today!

Ready to upgrade your hearth? Remember, the appliance you choose to bring into your home is a long-term investment — choose an option that will bring you the most value, safety, and happiness over the years. There are virtually endless configurations that allow you to create, customize, and personalize the Valor radiant fireplace that’s perfect for your home heating needs. Visit the Valor Design Center to see some of the many options available and give us a call at 502-435-2364 to set up an appointment with a knowledgeable team member. We’ll explain the many options available, discuss your best options given your heating needs and space, and help you choose the perfect insert for your home.

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