Why Invest In A Freestanding Wood Stove?

Freestanding wood stoves can be a great option for homeowners who lack a masonry chimney but want to add heat and charm to a space in their home. Unlike stove inserts, freestanding stoves aren’t retrofitted into an existing fireplace. Instead, these appliances can be installed just about anywhere, making them ideal additions for guest rooms, master suites, and just about any other room in the home.

All American Chimney Service’s team is proud to offer homeowners throughout the greater Louisville, KY area the best of the best freestanding wood stoves from Enviro and Regency. We’ve carefully researched and tested the many different brands and options out there and in our opinion, nothing beats the freestanding stoves manufactured by Enviro and Regency.

Enviro & Regency Freestanding Wood Stoves — Where Technology & Convenience Come Together

Enviro and Regency are known for their commitment to creating the most efficient and environmentally-friendly wood stoves possible. Using technology that burns in stages and ensures a more complete combustion, Enviro and Regency freestanding wood stoves give you more heat, longer burn times (12-30 hours of continuous burn with some models!), and efficiency levels upwards of 80%. These appliances make great zone heaters, as well, making it easy to heat the room you’re in, instead of heating unoccupied areas of the home. Finally, technology and convenience come together to bring you a real wood fire that you can enjoy for hours, without feeling guilty about emissions.

Free Standing Wood Stove

What’s So Great About Zone Heating?

What’s so great about zone heating? Why crank the heat and spend money heating the whole house when you could just heat the rooms you spend all your time in? Freestanding wood stoves allow you to heat your most used rooms, saving you money on utilities.

Benefits Of A Freestanding Wood Stove

A freestanding wood stove might be the best option for you if:

  • You’re looking to add zone heat to a room in your home that lacks a masonry fireplace and chimney.
  • You want to be able to enjoy a wood fire, but don’t want the emissions and waste of a traditional open wood fireplace.
  • You love the traditional charm and look of a stove.

These cost-effective appliances are available in small and large sizes, so regardless of the size of the room you’re considering, you’re bound to find a stove that’s just right for your space.

But what about appearance? Are all freestanding woodstoves traditional in style? No! One of the best things about Enviro and Regency is their design versatility. Whether you have a modern space in need of a contemporary-looking appliance or you have a more traditional style, you’ll have no problem finding a stove that fits just right with your decor and your space.

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Whether you know a wood stove is just what you want for your space or you’re looking for expert help with your decision, you can count on All American Chimney Service. We’re here to offer our experience and knowledge and to help you determine which new hearth appliance will give you the warmth, enjoyment, and comfort you’re missing. Don’t start or finish your search alone, let us help. Call 502-435-2364 today and set up an appointment with one of our friendly hearth appliance experts.

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