Water Heater & Furnace Liner Installation

Water heater and furnace venting problems are dynamic and many times not easily understood or diagnosed correctly. Due to the extensive home damage and serious health concerns associated with improperly vented appliances, it is important to have this problem correctly identified the first time.

Hot water furnaces and forced hot air furnaces should be inspected annually. “Scale” can form when the byproducts of moisture and gas combine, resulting in below-average performance or carbon monoxide in the home. Systems that are not maintained properly can cause sickness from CO2 poisoning or soot blowing throughout the home. Every home with a gas appliance should be equipped with a CO2 alarm. White residue on a masonry chimney is a telltale sign that mineral salts are coming through the brick due to excess moisture inside the chimney. This moisture can ruin walls and ceilings adjacent to the chimney. When receiving regular maintenance, most major problems associated with furnace-venting systems can be avoided completely.

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 Water Heater Furnace Liner Installation
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