All American Chimney Service is your one-stop shop for all of your home maintenance needs.

All American Chimney Service is your one-stop shop for all of your home maintenance needs.

With the arrival of spring, the task of cleaning out the gutters should not be ignored as the importance of their cleanliness is big when it comes to leaks, clogs, and damages. Your home can get interior leaks from clogged gutters, your gutters could be so full they could come loose from your home, and mosquitoes can breed in the stagnant water the clogs leave. And, that’s just the beginning. Clogged gutters lead to water damage nightmares. We at All American Chimney Service LLC recommend you call us for a professional gutter cleaning twice a year; however, Bob Vila, one of the most trusted authorities on home maintenance and improvement in America, has several DIY gutter cleaning tips you can do to easily clean yourself in between the professional visits to keep your gutters clear from debris.

Gutter Cleaning Basics

From infomercial inventions like tongs on an extension pole to a robot you can control with a remote control to run through your gutter cleaning, there are many different ways to DIY clean your gutters; however, for a simple gutter cleaning, you will most definitely need a sturdy ladder with a stabilizer (or stand­off). Be sure the ladder is securely placed and well-­footed. You will need to wear a dust mask, safety goggles, and gloves. Take a garden trowel and a trash bag, and scoop the debris into the bag. After you have removed the debris, take a hose with a high ­pressure nozzle and rinse the gutters towards the downspouts. Scrub them clean. Then clear the downspouts with the hose.

Simple Gutter Repairs

The next time it rains, check out your gutters for leaks. If you do spot any leaks, mark them with a marker so that you can fix them with patches and correct any pitch problems when they are dry. You can think about installing gutter caps or screens, but they are costly and do not necessarily keep all debris out of your gutters. Furthermore, the caps and screens make it more difficult to clean your gutters. Maintaining your gutters throughout the year, along with two professional cleanings, is a better way to keep your gutters clean than the caps and screens.

However, there are times when you should always leave your gutter cleaning up to the professionals. If you have any gutters above the first story or if you are at all uncomfortable on a ladder, please do not attempt to clean your own gutters. You also never know if you have suffered wood rot when you’ve had stuffed gutters sitting around. There could even be nests of carpenter ants and mosquitoes inside the rotten wood, and these should be removed. This is a definite task for a professional! Give All American Chimney Service, LLC a call to make an appointment for a gutter cleaning so we can do these tough jobs for you as well as do your regular cleaning twice a year. Our founder first cleaned gutters in 1985, so we take this service seriously!