Quality Gutter Cleaning for All Seasons

Let the professionals at All American Chimney Service, LLC take care of this seasonal assignment with safe, insured, reliable service. Gutter cleaning was actually the first service performed by our founder in 1985. Now we offer it as an add-on service to our other services!

Leaky, clogged or damaged gutters are one of the leading causes of home repairs. Stagnant water in your gutters is a perfect mosquito breeding ground. Water can also back up into the soffit and fascia causing rotting wood and damage to walls. Clogged gutters can cause water to leak into the home through ceilings, walls and even window areas and the chimney. We often see clogged gutters spilling water onto the chimney causing many types of moisture problems.

Think of a clogged gutter this way. Fill a glass with water and drop an ice cube into it. Water splashes out everywhere. This is what happens when a clogged gutter overflows. This overflow can lead to wood rot, inviting mosquitoes and other insects such as carpenter ants who love moist wood to nest in.

Gutter Cleaning
Please call us today at (502) 435-2364 to schedule service and don’t forget to ask if you would like our gutter cleaning service as well.  You can also request an appointment online for your convenience.

*Please note this is an add-on service to our other services. We do not generally perform stand-alone gutter cleaning appointments.

Don’t forget to have your water heater and furnace venting system inspected regularly to avoid other home safety issues. At All American Chimney Service, LLC, we are ready to help with these home services.

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