We Offer CSIA Certified Chimney Leak Repair

You might have a chimney leak if:

  • Your chimney is missing a cap
  • The flashing wasn’t installed by a CSIA certified professional
  • Your chimney crown has cracks or flaking
  • Bricks are missing or discolored
  • You have a leak in your ceiling

If your chimney is leaking, or if you have leaks in your ceiling near the chimney, trust the professionals at All American to find the cause and fix your leak! We follow a proven 31-point inspection to identify the cause of your leak, and we have proven results to solve your leaking issues. We also offer waterproofing services to stop leaks before they even start!


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Hear what our customers are saying:

Our technician, Ryan Pickwick, was extremely knowledgeable. He not only cleaned our chimney, but gave us several recommendations on safety improvements and upgrade options. Go with All American Chimney; you will be happy with what you get. Andrew Stump

Fantastic and knowledgeable staff. Efficient and tidy. They know their fireplaces, inside and out! Jude Loew