The Freedom of Freestanding Wood Stoves

Freestanding wood stoves offer the calming look of a real fire, with an added placement freedom not available to you with other heating appliances. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces and wood inserts, freestanding wood stoves function independently of fireplaces and chimney systems. This means that they can be placed in any area of the home that you would like to heat. Because these stoves are not installed into the actual structure of the home, you have the freedom to move your stove, as needed. Their mobility and size availability give the homeowner countless placement options.

Like wood inserts, many freestanding wood stoves have a designated area for cooking or warming food. This is a huge factor for individuals living in areas where power is frequently lost. When you own a freestanding wood burning stove, the nightmare of losing one’s power can turn into family fun. Who needs a fire pit to roast marshmallows when you’ve got a freestanding wood stove? When you add one of these stoves to your home, you can enjoy campfire fun all year round.

Another benefit to these stoves is that they burn cleaner than traditional wood fireplaces, and tend to produce less smoke as well. This means you can enjoy your stove without the guilt. Be sure to check out the EPA’s list of tested and certified freestanding wood stoves.

If fireplace cleaning is a daunting task to you, take comfort in knowing that most freestanding wood stove models have a simple cleaning system setup, and require very little effort on your part. Most models have a designated tray where ash accumulates. All you need to do is slide the tray out and empty it periodically. Put the shovel down – you won’t need it!

Some reasons for choosing a freestanding wood stove over a wood insert is:

  • They don’t require the use of a noisy fan. That means you can hear every snap, crackle, and pop.
  • They are also significantly cheaper to install, as they work independently of a chimney system. This means you won’t need to pay to have your existing chimney system thoroughly inspected and possibly repaired or renovated in order to enjoy your freestanding wood stove.
  • They are capable of warming larger areas of your home

When it comes to cost, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, freestanding wood stoves are the clear choice.

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