For the best wood fires, you should only be burning firewood that has been seasoned, which means it has been dried for at least six months after being cut. However, seasoned wood can be ruined if you do not store it properly. You really do not want to waste your seasoned firewood, so knowing the best ways to store it is crucial to keep your firewood supply at its best. Our staff at All American Chimney Service, LLC is often asked about the best ways to store firewood, and we would like to share a few tips from on how to properly store your seasoned firewood.

Air needs to be able to circulate through your firewood stacks.

Don't Let Your Seasoned Wood Be Ruined by Improper Storage Image - Louisville KY - All American Chimney

In order for air to circulate at its best, you should never store your firewood directly on the ground. If you do not have a storage shed for your firewood, you can place pallets or concrete blocks underneath your stacks of firewood. You should also alternate the directions that you stack your firewood so that the air flow will be increased.

Cover the top of your stacks, but leave the sides open.

Ideally, a storage shed with a floor and a roof is the best place to store your seasoned firewood, but you can also cover your supply with a tarp to protect it from rain and snow. Just be sure that the tarp does not cover the sides as this can trap in moisture. You want to allow air to circulate through the stacks.

Store your firewood away from your house.

A good rule is to store your firewood at least ten feet away from your home. Rodents and insects like to live in piles of firewood. To keep these pests from invading your home, storing the wood away from your house is recommended. Even though you may feel it is inconvenient to not have your firewood close to the house, it is better to walk a few extra steps than to deal with exterminating rodents and insects. Additionally, keeping your firewood dry will prevent any infestations from insects that can do harm to your home, such as termites and carpenter ants. These types of insects like to live in wet, undisturbed piles of wood.

Storing your seasoned firewood in a dry, ventilated location away from your house is the best way to keep your wood from being ruined and getting wet. If you need more firewood tips, contact us at All American Chimney Service, LLC.