Why You Need a Chimney Cap

By Doug Hetsch

April 28, 2014

Chimney Maintenance, Fire Safety

When you look at a chimney that’s topped with a qualitychimney cap, your first impression tends to be a good one: The chimney looks complete, cared for and attractive. But while that finished look is a benefit, aesthetics are just a small part of why it’s important to have a chimney cap — installed and sized properly — on the top of your flue.

A few of the key benefits your chimney cap provides:

Chimney Caps Keep Rain, Sleet And Snow Out Of Your Chimney

Your chimney was designed with a mix of components that are there to protect your system (and your home) againstmoisture intrusion. That includes your chimney flashing and chimney crown, among other components. And yes, your chimney cap counts among your system’s moisture protectors. Without a chimney cap, your flue opening is just that — wide open — so rain and other precipitation will regularly get into your flue, slowly but surely causingdamage to various partsof your system, from theflue linerto the firebox. If your cap is missing or damaged, call All American Chimney Service, LLC — we’ll install a new cap that provides the moisture protection you need.

Chimney Caps Keep Nesting Animals Out Of Your Chimney

To us, a chimney is a complex system that allows you to enjoy a warm and cozy fire in your home. To various birds and mammals in the area, your chimney looks more like a private and protected place to live. And if you don’t have a chimney cap, you’re laying out a welcome mat. When animals nest in your chimney, they bring in annoyances (from sounds to smells) to health concerns (bacteria, insects) and all-out hazards (flammable nests and flue blockages). A chimney cap keeps those animals from moving in, and bringing along those headaches.

Chimney Caps Keep Falling Debris Out Of Your Chimney

If you live in a treed area, debris is a real concern — it’s not unusual for twigs, branches, brush and other debris to fall into an open chimney, blocking off your flue with highly combustible materials. That can allow dangerous gases to move back into your living area, and can result in a chimney fire.

Chimney Caps Keep Errant Sparks From Getting Out Of Your Chimney

Chimney caps also act as a spark arrestor, making sure that any stray embers that do make their way to the top of your flue don’t get free and don’t come into contact with combustible materials (like brush that’s collected on your roof), resulting in a fire.

Sure, chimney caps might look like a small part of your chimney system, but they bring big protection. If you need to have yours replaced, All American Chimney Service, LLC would be glad to help – just give us a call!

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