Why HeatShield?

Why HeatShield?

When you have a masonry chimney, most likely you have a clay tile liner within your chimney. While these liners are extremely durable and can last for a long time, the tiles can begin to crack and break off over the years, and when this happens, your chimney is unsafe to use. A cracked liner can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into your home and to chimney fires. Repairing or replacing a cracked clay tile liner can be a very expensive and time-consuming project. In order to reline your older masonry chimney with a stainless steel chimney liner, the chimney experts at All American Chimney Service have to take apart your chimney and reconstruct it. Fortunately, a revolutionary product has been developed to solve this issue:HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant. Used to restore the integrity of your chimney flue, HeatShield allows us to repair or reline your clay tile liner. All of our employees have been trained on using this product, and we are very proud to have this option because of how well it works. We would like to tell you more about HeatShield and why you should consider this product for repairing, restoring, or relining your masonry chimney.

Why Heatshield Louisville Ky All American Chimney

Joint Repair System

If All American Chimney Service, LLC only finds defective mortar joints in your clay tile liner, we can use the HeatShield Joint Repair System. We start by inserting a special foam applicator blade into your chimney to position it below each gap or void. We then add the HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant into your chimney to fill the gaps and voids. Once the blade is removed from the chimney, it smooths out each repaired gap and void. We will then inspect our work by looking at the video footage that was captured by the specially designed video camera at the end of the applicator blade. This video footage can immediately verify that the gaps and voids have been properly repaired.

Resurfacing System

If your flue is sound but has cracks or spalling damage, we can repair the flue with the HeatShield Resurfacing System. This process is very similar to the Joint Repair process, but we will use a plug rather than a blade. After priming your flue with a “tie coat” material, we will apply the HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant by pulling the plug up through your chimney. This plug also is equipped with a video camera, so we can check to see if the repairs were properly completed.

Cecure Sleeve Relining System

If your clay tile liner is damaged beyond repairing or resurfacing, we can install a new liner with the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. This process involves installing the sleeve, a thin ceramic insulation that has been reinforced with stainless steel fabric, into your chimney and securing this sleeve between two layers of HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant. This system is also great for masonry chimneys that do not have a liner.If your clay tile liner has suffered damage, All American Chimney Service, LLC can easily fix the problem with the HeatShield systems.Contactusto learn more about this revolutionary chimney product.


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