What You Should Know About Ahren-Fire Restoration

By Doug Hetsch

November 27, 2018

Masonry Damaged Repaired

A few years ago, you started noticing that your masonry fireplace just was not doing a very good job with heating your home. Not only were you spending more money on firewood to try to get better fires, but your utility bills have markedly increased each year because you have had to use your furnace more often to keep your home comfortable and warm. Although you have considered options to increase the heat and lower your costs, you have hesitated because you love how your masonry fireplace looks. If you wish you could find a way to get it to work as great as it looks, All American Chimney Service can help make that wish come true for you with ourAhren-Fire Restorationservices. We would like to tell you more about this amazing chimney restoration product that we can install in your home to get your fireplace working as you wish it could.

Is Ahren-Fire right for my chimney and fireplace system?

If you have had trouble with a smoky fireplace, you feel like your house seems colder after you light a fire, or you are often experiencing other draft problems, your fireplace may not be designed properly. When your fireplace has design issues, you could have other problems that are potentially dangerous, which could mean that your fireplace does not meet local building codes. These problems include hidden combustibles under the floor or behind the bricks and insufficient thickness of the chimney and fireplace walls. If you know or suspect that any of things are going on with your chimney and fireplace system, All American Chimney Service can come and inspect your chimney to see if Ahren-Fire is right for you.

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What exactly can Ahren-Fire Restoration do for my masonry fireplace?

When the Ahren-Fire fireplace system was designed, the manufacturers wanted to make it as efficient as possible to install and to operate. A complete system from the hearth to the top of your chimney, Ahren-Fire consists of components that serve a purpose of safety and performance. You will save money on heating costs because the components are designed so that heat is radiated back into your home, and this means you will not have as much heat escape through the chimney. This increase in heat radiation also means fuel burns more completely and cleanly. In addition, Ahren-Fire can bring your chimney and fireplace system up to meeting local building codes.

If you love how your masonry fireplace looks but wish it provided more heat to your home, Ahren-Fire Restoration could be the solution you have been wishing to find.Contact us todayat All American Chimney Service to learn more about this amazing fireplace system.

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