We Love Serving Louisville

We Love Serving Louisville

For the past ten years, All American Chimney Service has been taking care of the chimneys and fireplaces in the Louisville area, and we love serving this area. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America-certified chimney sweeps have the training and experience to handle all of your chimney maintenance, repair, and installation service needs. We are proud to be the best chimney company in this historical city, which is internationally known for the Kentucky Derby, and you can count on us to make sure your your chimney and fireplace system is working safely and efficiently. We also offer a few other types of home maintenance services, and we would like to tell you more about exactly what we can do for you.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the leading causes of accidental residential fires has to do with clogged clothes dryer vents, which is why national firesafetyorganizations like the CSIA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned every year. Not only will you be preventing an accidental dryer fire, but you will also enjoy some other benefits from this service. Your clothes dryer will work more efficiently, which will save you both money and energy, and you are prolonging the life of this appliance as a clogged vent makes your dryer overheat, which wears out important components, including the heating element. Our technicians have been certified as dryer exhaust experts by the CSIA, so you know you can trust us to do this important job properly.

Gutter Cleaning

Now that fall is here and the leaves are falling from the trees, it is time to be thinking about having your gutters professionally cleaned. So many leaves and other debris fall into your gutters during this time of year. If your gutters become to clogged, you can end up with a variety of problems, including rotted wood, water leaks, and even a great spot for mosquitoes to breed. Our gutter cleaning service is safe, reliable, and insured. In fact, the founder of our company actually started his career in 1985 professionally cleaning gutters. We offer this service as an add-on to our other services. Don’t forget to ask about this if you are having another service performed!

Water Heater & Furnace Liner Installation & Maintenance

If your water heater and your furnace are not venting properly, you could be seriously risking your health. This is why both hot water furnaces and forced hot air furnaces should be professionally inspected annually. This inspection is particularly crucial when you have a gas system because of the buildup from the combination of the byproducts of moisture and gas. This buildup not only results in poor performance, but it can also cause carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, to back up into your home. Our experienced technicians can clean off this buildup as well as check to make sure your furnace is venting as it should. Your safety is always our top priority.

If you live in the Louisville area,contactus at All American Chimney Service for these important home maintenance services. You can trust us to take care of you and your home.

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