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We Install & Maintain Liners for Water Heaters & Furnaces

Your fireplace is just one of the appliances in your home that requires a venting system. Other appliances that require venting include clothes dryers, gas water heaters, and gas furnaces. The reason why these appliances need to be connected to a vent is that they produce exhaust gases that need to go outside of your home. Another function of these venting systems is to provide air supply for combustion as vent pipes can pull in air from outside the home.

When a venting system is not installed correctly, you are likely to experience exhaust problems with the appliance. This is not a job left to an amateur. Issues with these exhaust issues could lead to very serious issues such as toxic gas leaks. Carbon monoxide is definitely one gas you don’t want in your home. It can result in organ damage or possibly death.

Since 2006, All American Chimney Service has provided the Louisville area with high-quality professional chimney services. Our services include maintenance, repair, and installation services. We also take care of venting systems for clothes dryers as well as liners for water heaters and furnaces. We would like to tell you a bit more about why it is so important to have professionals install and maintain water heater and furnace liners.

Reduce The Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When you have venting problems with your water heater or with your furnace, it can be difficult to diagnose the exact problem. This is especially true if the venting system was not properly installed.According to The Spruce, one of the most common venting problems that result from a bad installation job is backdrafting. This is when the exhaust from the water heater or furnace cannot exit properly. When this occurs, soot and toxic combustion gases could end up back inside your home. It can also result in inefficient performance of the appliance. All American Chimney Service recommends that you have the venting system professionally inspected annually to make sure there are no installation problems that could lead to hazardous situations in your home.

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Avoid Moisture-Related Problems

You should always have an annual maintenance check of your water heater or forced air furnaces. In many cases, there can be a buildup of something called scale, which develops when moisture and gases combine in the venting system. A large accumulation of scale can also result in exhaust problems. When moisture is present, there is also an increased risk of water damage to your home. Regular maintenance can prevent most of these issues before they occur.

When is the last time you had your water heater and your furnace professionally maintained?Contact ustoday at All American Chimney Service to schedule your appointment with our trained and experienced professionals. We provide professional installation services of liners for water heaters and furnaces.


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