Water Heater or Furnace Problems? We Can Help!

Water Heater or Furnace Problems? We Can Help!

Keeping your home running efficiently and safely is one of your most essential responsibilities as a homeowner. When it comes to preventing accidental carbon monoxide leaks inside your home, All American Chimney Service has your chimney and fireplace system covered. Did you know that we can also help you keep your water heater and furnace working as they should? You can trust our trained and experienced professionals to watch out for problems during routine maintenance checks because your safety is our top priority. We also provide the Louisville area with water heater and furnace liner installation services, and we take great care to make certain that every customer is satisfied with our work. To help you understand the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, we would like to tell you more about how problems with your household appliances could lead to this health hazard and what we can do to keep you safe.

Water Heater Or Furnace Problems Louisville Ky All American Chimney

How could my furnace or water heater be leaking carbon monoxide?

Over our years of working in homes in the Louisville area, All American Chimney Service has seen many improperly vented furnaces and water heaters, and we cannot stress enough how hazardous this can possibly be. In their advice on avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning, the renowned Mayo Clinic advises that homeowners ensure that their water heaters, furnaces, and other fuel-burning appliances are correctly vented, and having them checked out every single year by qualified professionals. You also could be at risk for this serious health condition from other types of water heater and furnace problems including scale buildup. No matter if your furnace is fueled by hot air or hot water, this residue can accumulate to the point of blocking the exhaust vent. This can force toxic gases from combustion back into your home. You can count on our certified and skilled technicians to keep your furnace and water heater just as safe and efficient as we do with your chimney.

How can All American Chimney Service help me with my water heater?

When you are scheduling your annual professional maintenance service appointments, convenience is key when your calendar is busy. When you contact us at All American Chimney Service to make your annual chimney sweeping and inspection appointment, we are happy to add on our water heater and furnace services. We also provide professional installation services of many types of venting systems, including water heater liners.

Have water heater or furnace issues? Contact us today at All American Chimney Service to schedule an appointment for our professional venting system maintenance, repair, and installation services.


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