Tips for Proper Firewood Storage

Tips for Proper Firewood Storage

For building the best fires in your fireplace or stove, you need to use firewood that has been properly seasoned. Seasoned firewood is wood that has been dried for at least six months after being cut. In order to sufficiently dry your firewood, proper storage is essential. You want the wood to stay dry during the spring and summer so that it will be perfectly seasoned when you are ready to burn it in the fall and winter. To help you store your firewood correctly, All American Chimney Service would like to tell you a few tips for keeping your wood dry if you do not have access to a firewood storage shed.

Never stack your firewood directly on the ground.

When you store your firewood on the ground, it can absorb moisture that can prevent it from being properly seasoned. Even worse, the wood can even rot.Ask the Builderrecommends using treated lumber 4X4s as a platform for your wood. You can also stack your firewood on well-drained gravel to keep it off of the ground.

Tips For Proper Fireplace Storage Louisville Ky All American Chimney

Cover the top of your stacks of wood, but keep the sides open.

You will need to cover your firewood to protect it from rain, but you will want to make sure that the sides of the stacks are left open to promote air circulation that will help the seasoning process. One of the best and least expensive ways to cover your wood is to layer tar paper underneath a fiberglass tarp. We suggest removing the cover on warm summer days to allow the sun to help season the wood.

Stack the firewood properly.

Before stacking the wood, it is best to split each piece. Once the wood has been split, you will want to layer the wood at a 90 degrees angle to promote stability. To increase air circulation, you will want to keep at least six inches between each row because stacking the wood too closely together increases the length of time that is needed to sufficiently dry the firewood.

Remember that when storing your firewood, air circulation is essential in order for it to dry properly. If you would like more tips for proper firewood storage,contactusat All American Chimney Service to find out more ideas to correctly store your wood.


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