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The last thing you would expect to happen is a chimney fire. However, what if creosote has built up on the walls in your chimney, coated in a glaze? There is a dangerous fire hazard lurking in your home! According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), this type of creosote very easily can ignite into flames, if the internal temperature of your chimney gets hot enough. When third degree creosote has developed on chimney walls, it can be very difficult for even professional chimney sweeps to remove it.

What exactly is PCR?

Poultice Creosote Remover(PCR) is just what you would expect from its name: a soft, wet putty-like material that completely dissolves third degree glazed creosote from both flue tiles and stainless steel liners. All American Chimney Service is proud to use PCR because we know it works. Not to mention, we love the company who manufactures it, ChimneySaver! Why? Well, we appreciate the high quality of their waterproofing formulas and other chimney maintenance products.

How does PCR work?

When All American Chimney Service begins by using brushes and special tools to apply a layer of it to the inner chimney. Afterwards, we wait for it to dry. During the drying process, PCR dissolves and absorbs the creosote. Although PCR is adhesive when wet, it loses that sticky quality and crumbles away from the flue tiles. Once this has happened, we then sweep your chimney to remove every bit of this residue from your home.

How can I prevent creosote from becoming glazed on my chimney liner?

Creosote inevitably develops during the combustion process of burning wood. However, you can keep it from getting to this point. How? By only burning seasoned firewood in your fireplace every fall and winter! Seasoned wood will give you warmer and longer lasting fires and burns cleanly. This is because it has been allowed to dry for at least six months after it has been cut. If you burn freshly cut wood, the fire will spend most of its energy burning away the moisture from the wood. This results in a large amount of smoke, which accelerates the development of creosote!

Make sure your home is not under a higher risk of a chimney fire. Have your chimney inspected to see if there is any glazed creosote on the flue tiles or liner.Contact usat All American Chimney Service to schedule an appointment. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will remove any third degree creosote with ChimneySaver’s PCR to keep you safe this winter!


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