Nathan had come out last week to service our six year old fireplace which would not light when the remote was activated. He said it was the plug that had went bad and told me what I needed to get to fix it. When the plug came in, it still wouldn't work so I called back to let them know it wasn't working. They sent Andrew and his assistant out today to look at it and informed me that it was my electric plug that was not working but we looked at it and came up with an alternative to fix the problem. Andrew and his partner were very, very professional and listened to what I had done from my end on the fixing of it. He went through and double checked all the parts in the fireplace to ensure that the plug was the only problem. Fireplace is working great now thanks to them. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a repair or buying a new fireplace for their existing or new home. I design homes and will recommend this company to all my clients to use them for their remodel or new home build.

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