Preparing Your Chimney for Winter

Preparing Your Chimney for Winter

Believe it or not – winter is just around the corner, and this means it is time to get your chimney ready for cozy, warm nights by the fireplace. To ensure your chimney is working effectively and safely, you should take care of a few preparation tasks before you light the first fire this fireplace season. By performing these tasks to get your fireplace ready, you will be able to relax around the fire without worrying about hazards. All American Chimney Service, LLC would like to give you some tips on preparing your chimney for winter so that you can enjoy your fireplace this season.

Remove all of the accumulated creosote from the interior walls of your chimney.

Scheduling a professional chimney sweeping from All American Chimney Service, LLC is the best way to have creosote, a dangerous compound that forms naturally during the combustion process of burning wood, completely removed from the inside of your chimney. Creosote is highly flammable, which makes it the major cause of chimney fires. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps will take great care to ensure this fire hazard is gone from your home.

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Ensure you are storing the best firewood to burn.

You want to be sure you have a sufficient supply of firewood. Most importantly, according toCleveland.comyou want to be sure you have the best kind of firewood: seasoned wood. Seasoned firewood has been covered and stored for at least six months to allow it to dry. Seasoned firewood burns longer and gives off fewer pollutants. Burning freshly-cut, wet wood will produce more creosote than burning seasoned wood.

Install a good-quality chimney cap to protect your chimney.

If you do not have a chimney cap, or if your existing cap is old and damaged, you should have a new chimney cap installed before winter arrives. This chimney component prevents birds, animals, and water from rain and melting snow from getting into your chimney to cause expensive damage that could make your fireplace unsafe to use. Our staff at All American Chimney Service, LLC can help you select the best chimney cap for your chimney and install the new cap to ensure it will provide the best protection.

Schedule a professional chimney inspection.

When our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps come to your home to clean your chimney, we will also inspect your chimney. We will examine both the interior and the exterior of your chimney to look for any damage that should be repaired before your fireplace can be safe to use. We also will look for anything that could be blocking your chimney and will remove any debris that could prevent the harmful byproducts from exiting out of the chimney.

Be prepared this winter.Contactus at All American Chimney Service, LLCto schedule an appointment for a professional chimney sweeping and inspection. We are proud to make the fireplaces and chimneys in the Louisville area safe and efficient.


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