Odors and Chimneys and Your Quick Fix

By Doug Hetsch

April 15, 2019

Chimney mold, Chimney Odors

Spring is here and you’ve likely shut down your chimney system for the season. As the temperature turns mild and humidity rises, you may experience unwelcome odors coming from the fireplace. When this happens it usually means you need to call a professional. Though there are many different odors that can come from the fireplace, all of them point to a problem.

Smoke/Barbecue Odor

If you’re relaxing in your living room and suddenly have the overwhelming feeling that there is a dirty barbecue grill inside your house, you may not be far off. Your fireplace and chimney are most likely the culprits. They are dirty from a season of regular use. Every time the fire burns it produces creosote and soot which cover the walls of the flue. The sticky nature of creosote causes it to build up in the system. This buildup drops efficiency and eventually leads to a dangerous glazed creosote buildup.
Quick Fix: Call a chimney company and schedule a chimney sweep to have the chimney system and fireplace cleaned of all soot and creosote.

Mildew/Mold Odor

If the odor coming from your fireplace is mildew or mold it is likely caused by a chimney leak. This indicates that a leak has been present long enough for bacteria growth. This may be caused by a slow leak in the system, possibly due to crown or masonry damage. The odors may be accompanied by discoloration that looks greenish or black in color.
Quick Fix:Waterdamage goes further than unwelcome odors and should be addressed by a professional. Call a chimney sweep company to have your leaky chimney diagnosed now. Repair damage, correct leaks and waterproof the masonry as soon as possible

Decomposition Odor

The smell of something dead and decomposing is very pungent and needs to be taken care of right away! Many people don’t know that you can have an odor of decomposition when anything organic decomposes, so this may not necessarily mean there is a dead animal in your chimney. You might experience these odors if there are leaves, branches, feathers, droppings, and fur in the chimney system as well as animals which have suffocated and died in the flue. Regardless of the source, the chimney should be checked out for debris and obstructions.
Quick Fix: A standard chimney sweep will clear away any debris from the chimney system. Having a professional remove these materials which are decomposing and releasing gases and noxious fumes is the best way to go.

Odors from the fireplace are the surest way to notice a problem with the inside of your chimney—usually a dirty chimney, but sometimes a water-damaged one. You can prevent occurrences of odor and damage by scheduling routine sweeps and inspections with an experienced professional.

If you haven’t had an inspection or sweeping in the last year, you may need creosote removal in order to stop the odors. We canremove your creosoteand stop the odors now.

Call All American Chimney Service at 502-435-2364 orcontact us onlinetoday.

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