Gas Log F.A.Q.

Gas Log F.A.Q.

Many of All American Chimney Service LLC’scustomers in Kentucky and Indiana have made the switch to gas logs, thanks to gas logs’ versatility and convenience. In our harried day and age, it is never a bad idea to make things easier on yourself, including simplifying the process of firing up your fireplace or stove. For more on the advantages ofgas logsand other considerations, please read our brief gas log FAQ.

What are the benefits of gas logs versus real wood fires?

With gas logs, you may enjoy that all that is required of you to ignite—or extinguish—a fire is to push a button on a remote control. And depending on the type of gas log you select—you may actually be able to get all the warmth and/or the look of a wood-burning fireplace without the hassle of chopping and hauling wood and scooping ash. Gas logs are also very low maintenance and affordable to use.

How do I know if gas logs are right for my family, my fireplace, and me?

Before leaping into research about what type of gas log is right for your home—or whether or not they make sense in your space at all—contact a fireplace andchimney technicianto assess your existing setup. For instance, many people are surprised to hear that gas logs cannot be installed inside gas fireplaces. Instead they are designed to go into existing wood-burning fireplaces. A professional will be able to clearly outline your options for you and help you assess your priorities—warmth, ambiance, etc.—so that you get exactly the fire you want.

How are vented and vent-free gas logs different?

Simply put, with vented gas logs you need a chimney to vent the smoke created, while vent-free (or ventless) gas logs do not need a chimney, as they don’t create smoke. Both types of gas logs have their advantages; ventless logs can’t come very close to recreating the beauty of a wood-burning fire, while vented logs do a great job of mimicking the aesthetics of a real wood fire. Ventless logs are, however, warmer than vented logs, which lose much of the heat they generate up the chimney. Vent-free logs also require more special considerations, as they have to be installed a minimum of 36 inches away from fabrics like clothing or upholstery, and they are not allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms. Because of the potential dangers of Vent-free gas logs, we do not install these systems. If you have an existing ventless system and would like look into alternatives give us a call!

If you live in Kentucky or Indiana and have any questions at all about gas logs we hope you willcontactAll American Chimney Service, LLC.

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