Fixing Your Chimney Flue

Fixing Your Chimney Flue

With temperatures dropping, now is not the time for anything to go wrong inside of your fireplace, as many families use this for their main source of heat. The best way to keep you and your home protected is to keep your fireplace and chimney up to date on all of its sweeps and inspections, which you should have done annually. If you ever have chimney related questions don’t hesitate tocallthe professionals atAll American Chimney Service, LLC.

What is the flue for?

One of the most important parts of the chimney is the flue. This part is a chamber where the smoke and other byproducts of the combustion from burning wood can escape. It is important that this part is in working order so the gases cannot back up into the home as this could have serious health effects. These parts can be controlled with how much they are open and are designed to not allow much energy to be lost. Because fires produce creosotes when they are burned, your flue will become clogged which will then make the draft through the chimney weaker. This can also lead to chimney fires if they come into contact with any passing sparks. Since flues are experienced to such high temperatures they will overtime wear down and need repairs or replacing.

What should be done?

Your flue has tiles that line the inside of the chimney, and with excessive heat exposure they can become cracked. A qualified professional should repair the problem as soon as possible. If you have a single cracked tile that is easily accessible, they will just remove the old tile and replace it with a new one. If you have widespread cracks in tiles that have no missing pieces they can sometimes fix the tiles. The entire chimney will be smoothed with new mortar that can then sink into cracks or voids in the chimney. Both of these fixes can be done in a timely fashion, but will take a few days for the finished product to dry. If you have extremely damaged tiles or if the tiles are not able to be reached easily you might see about getting a new liner.

Flue liners are so important. If your sweep says that it needs replacing or to be repaired. Don’t use your fireplace until it has been done. There are serious risks to your home, your family and your health.

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