Converting Your Existing Fireplace to Gas

By Doug Hetsch

October 23, 2016

Fireplace Maintenance

As you are getting your home ready for winter, you are probably thinking of ways to make your home more energy efficient. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you most likely know that a lot of the heat it produces escapes out of your home through the chimney. Fortunately, you do have the option of converting your older fireplace to a more energy efficient heating appliance by installing a gas hearth appliance into its opening. In our Fireplace Store, All American Chimney Service has a variety of gas fireplace choices, including inserts and log sets, that will provide more heat to your home without increasing your heating costs. We would like to tell you a bit more about how we can help you convert your existing fireplace to gas.

Gas Logs

An easy and economical option for converting your existing wood-burning fireplace to gas, this hearth heating appliance is available in two different types: vented or ventless. If the aesthetics of a wood fire are important to you, you will want to look at vented gas log sets as they look more realistic. However, if you are wanting more supplemental warmth to your home, a set of ventless gas logs may be your best choice. Since this type of gas logs does not have to exhaust outdoors, you will not have to lose any warmth through the chimney. While both types are highly energy efficient, you can find ventless gas logs with efficiency ratings up to 99 percent. Our staff at All American Chimney Service can help you decide if vented or ventless gas logs would work best in your home.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you are wanting to update both the efficiency and the appearance of your existing fireplace, you may be more interested in a gas fireplace insert. Available in a wide range of styles, you can find the perfect insert to spruce up your decor. All American Chimney Service provides professional installation services, and you can trust us to make sure your new gas insert is correctly fitted to your chimney so that it works efficiently and safely. Recommended by

The Washington Postas a smart way to increase the heating efficiency in your home, gas fireplace inserts are equipped with glass doors that seal off the fire chamber to keep the combustion air coming in and the exhaust air going out.

Both gas logs and gas fireplace inserts allow you to enjoy the convenience of starting a fire with a remote control from your couch. With no more chores associated with a wood-burning fireplace like sweeping up ashes and bringing in firewood, you are able to truly relax in front of every fire from your gas fireplace appliance. If you want to learn more about converting your existing fireplace to gas,contactus at All American Chimney Service to find out which option is the best for your home.

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