Common Masonry Repairs to Have Done by Winter

By Doug Hetsch

August 23, 2015

Masonry Repairs by Winter | Blog | All American Chimney Serv

To be able to safely enjoy sitting by your fireplace this winter in front of a roaring fire, your chimney should be in good condition. Loose or missing bricks and a cracked chimney crown can lead to big problems that could cost you a lot of money. These are both very common masonry repairs that, for your safety, should be done before winter gets started. All American Chimney Service, LLC offers both of these types of masonry repair work, and you can trust our experienced and trained masons to fix these issues correctly. We deeply value the safety of our customers and will take care to ensure these jobs are done right. We would like to tell you more about how we can repair loose or missing bricks and a cracked chimney crown.


To repair loose, cracked, and missing bricks from your chimney, All American Chimney Service, LLC provides tuckpointing services. Along with putting in new bricks and mortar to replace missing ones, this technique involves removing damaged mortar from masonry joints and restoring these joints with new mortar. If you have an older masonry chimney, you can be sure that our masons will restore the damaged section of your chimney so that it will not look different from the rest of your chimney. Age can cause this type of masonry damage to occur, and so can water exposure. According to theChimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), water is a huge enemy of your masonry chimney because of the damage it can do. Not only does the exposure to rain and melted snow erode the masonry materials, water can leak into porous bricks and mortar. When water leaks into them, it can freeze during the winter and expand. As the temperature rises above freezing, the water thaws and causes the masonry materials to crack and even break apart. If this damage is not repaired, it can cause even further deterioration. The entire structure of your chimney could even collapse! This is why it is so essential to have this repair done before winter begins.


Sitting at the top of your chimney, your chimney crown protects the inside of your chimney from water penetration. Because of its location, the crown often suffers from erosion due to the elements of weather. Just like the bricks and mortar of your chimney, your chimney crown can become cracked from both weather erosion and the freeze/thaw process. When your crown is cracked and damaged, it allows water to leak into your chimney. To prevent more water damage, it is important to have your chimney crown restored to repair the cracks. All American Chimney Service can fix damaged chimney crowns and even construct a new one if necessary.

Ensure your chimney is in good condition this winter. ContactAll American Chimney Service, LLCif you need these common masonry repairs.

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