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One of the biggest enemies of masonry chimneys is water. It can do quite a bit of damage to your chimney system, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Water penetration lead to deterioration of the bricks and mortar joints, and it also cause mold growth on the interior and exterior of the chimney structure.

When mold is present in your home, it is a serious health hazard to you and your family, especially for those who have respiratory problems. Since 2006, All American Chimney Service has specialized in repairing and preventing any type of water-related chimney damage including mold issues in the Louisville area. We would like to tell you more about how mold invades your chimney, the problems it causes, and how we can help you prevent it.

How is mold growing inside my chimney?

Mold needs moisture to grow, and your chimney is the perfect spot. The bricks and mortar joints of your chimney are naturally porous and absorb water from rain, melted ice and snow throughout the year. This then leads to water leaks in your chimney. A damaged chimney cap, or no chimney cap or chase cover, a cracked chimney crown, and a improperly installed chase cover can all cause water to enter your chimney.

What kind of problems can mold in my chimney cause?

When mold is present, it releases spores and bacteria into the air, which are dangerous to inhale. If you breathe in mold spores, you could develop respiratory health issues that range from allergic reactions to asthma attacks or even permanent damage to your lungs. Chimney mold also cause unpleasant odors and unsightly appearance.

How can I keep mold from growing in my chimney?

Preventing water from entering your chimney in the first place is important to keep mold growth from happening inside your chimney. Your safety is our top priority at All American Chimney Service, and we provide several options to help you avoid this hazardous health situation. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians can inspect the condition of your chimney cap, crown, or chase cover to see if any damage is present. We also look for damage to your flashing and the bricks and mortar joints. If any problems are found, we give you a fair and honest estimate of the repair and installation work. We also offer waterproofing services, which is the ultimate protection against water penetration.

If you suspect mold growth in your chimney, you shouldcontactusat 502-435-2364today to schedule an appointment.


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