Causes of Chimney Odors

Causes of Chimney Odors

Recently you may have noticed an unpleasant odor inside your home, and it is coming from your chimney. Unfortunately, stinky chimneys are a common problem during the summer. However, the source of the odor could be a number of things. Whatever is causing your chimney to stink, you can trust All American Chimney Service to find out the source of the smell and make the necessary repairs to get your home smelling fresh and clean again.

For years, we have been providing the Louisville area with professional chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services. We have been trained and certified by the best experts in the industry. We would like to tell you more about the causes of chimney odors and how we can correct the problem.


Not only is this natural compound extremely flammable, but creosote is also very smelly. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, there is a good chance that there are creosote deposits on the walls of your chimney. Bad odors can easily happen in the summer because the humidity can strengthen the acrid scent of creosote.

To correct the problem, All American Chimney Service can sweep your chimney. You can depend on our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)- certified chimney sweeps to remove creosote from your inner chimney. According to the CSIA, creosote is a leading cause of chimney fires. This is one of the most important reasons why the CSIA and we recommend homeowners have their chimneys professionally inspected at least once a year.

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Birds And Wild Animals

Since so many trees have been cut down for real estate development over the years, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals look for alternative nesting spots. Your chimney might be one of these locations. If a wild animal becomes trapped inside your chimney, it could possibly die, and the resulting odor can be unbearable. All American Chimney Service can prevent this from happening by professionally installing a new chimney cap on top of your chimney. We have a wide variety of caps that include mesh metal siding which helps keep wild animals from out of your chimney.


If your home is smelling musty, you could have a chimney leak that is causing the odor. When water mixes with leaves, dirt, and other debris, it can lead to a stinky chimney. Fortunately, All American Chimney Service specializes in water leak preventive services, and we can make sure that your chimney has protection from water. Our services include chimney cap installation, flashing reparation, and waterproofing. Let us help you keep water out for good.

Dealing with a stinky chimney?Contact ustoday at All American Chimney Service to schedule an appointment for your annual professional chimney maintenance services. You can count on us to find solutions to get your home smelling fresh and clean again!


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