All About HeatShield

By Doug Hetsch

May 19, 2017


Do you have an older home with a masonry chimney? If so, you most likely have a clay tile liner inside the flue. Even though these liners were built to last a lifetime, the clay tiles can become chipped and cracked over the years. Repairing clay tile liners can be very expensive and time-consuming. You can replace the liner with a stainless steel liner. However, that process is invasive, loud, and even dangerous. This is because the clay tiles must be removed through your living room. All American Chimney Service is proud to offer another option for relining older masonry chimneys:HeatShield!This revolutionary product allows us to easily and economically restore the integrity of your clay tile chimney liner. We would like to tell you more about HeatShield and how it can help your chimney.

What exactly is HeatShield?

A mixture of ceramic and refractory materials, HeatShield is used to coat the interior chimney. This coating can hold up to moisture, corrosive combustion gases, and temperatures as high as 2900 degrees Fahrenheit. Developed over 20 years ago by European manufacturers, HeatShield has been proven to be successful in lab testing and in actual use. It is approved to be used with all fuels. In addition, this product has been rated “Super-Duty” as a refractory mortar by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

How can HeatShield be used to repair my clay tile liner?

All American Chimney Service has been approved by HeatShield as Independent Installers based on our certifications in the chimney industry. Our technicians have received special training from HeatShield to be able to provide the best service possible. Depending on the condition of your liner, we can use the Joint Repair System or the Resurfacing System to make repairs. Plus, if your liner is beyond repairing, we can use the CeCure Sleeve Relining System. This restores the safety and soundness of your chimney.

Why do I need to have my liner repaired?

You need your chimney liner to be in good condition because it has important functions. It protects your home from the excessively high temperatures produced during a fire. What happens if your liner is damaged? Consequently, these temperatures can transfer to the combustible parts of your home and possibly start a fire! You also need your chimney liner to protect the bricks and mortar of your chimney from the corrosive gases from combustion. Without a liner, these gases can eat away at the masonry materials. This can lead to hazardous situations, including carbon monoxide leaks.

If your clay tile liner has seen better days,contact usat All American Chimney Service. We can inspect your chimney and let you know which HeatShield system will work the best in your situation!

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