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Dryer vent cleaning, installations, and water heater & furnace lining.

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dryer vent cleaning service

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Certified Dryer Vent Cleaning Now Available in Louisville

Dirty dryer vents are the number one reason for housefires. At American Chimney & Fireplace, we understand the dangers of lint, as well as where it hides out until that one spark sets it off.

Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, you never have to worry after our technicians visit your home.

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Dryer Statistics

Statistics from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicate that there are over 15,500 residential dryer fires in the United States per year. Originating in dryer exhaust vents, these fires result in personal injury, death, and over $84.4 million in property damage. It is also reported by the CPSC that hundreds of people have been poisoned by carbon monoxide as a result of gas clothes dryers.

A Practical Solution

Removing built-up lint from your dryer vent helps it to run smoothly and efficiently which means it won’t be using as much energy/saving money on your monthly bills. Dedicated to providing you with professional dryer cleaning services at the most affordable prices around, we proudly sell and install LintAlert Systems, which monitor dryer exhaust. With over 40 dryer fires occurring in the U.S. every day, this is a great investment in the safety of your family and home.

Unmatched Results

At All American Chimney Service, LLC, we believe that our work speaks for itself. Our professional dryer vent cleaning service will help you save money, extend the life of your appliance, as well as prevent fires in your home.

Call us at 502-435-2364 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

To get started with scheduling your dryer vent cleaning service with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Water Heater / Furnace Lining

Keep your hot water running!

Water heater and furnace venting problems are dynamic and many times not easily understood or diagnosed correctly. Due to the extensive home damage and serious health concerns associated with improperly vented appliances, it is important to have this problem correctly identified the first time.

Hot water furnaces and forced hot air furnaces should be inspected annually. “Scale” can form when the byproducts of moisture and gas combine, resulting in below-average performance or carbon monoxide in the home. Systems that are not maintained properly can cause sickness from CO2 poisoning or soot blowing throughout the home. Every home with a gas appliance should be equipped with a CO2 alarm. White residue on a masonry chimney is a telltale sign that mineral salts are coming through the brick due to excess moisture inside the chimney. This moisture can ruin walls and ceilings adjacent to the chimney. When receiving regular maintenance, most major problems associated with furnace-venting systems can be avoided completely.

To get started with scheduling your water heater installation or furnace liner installation with our team at American Chimney & Fireplace, please click the button below.

Water Heater Installation and Furnace Liner Installation


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"Phillip and Joe were excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. I have used All American before and found them to be the best. My oldest stone chimney was built in 1790. If you want it done right call them. You will be glad you did."

- John C.

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"Christian was one of the best service providers I have ever had! He was on time, professional, and just a really nice person. He explained everything in detail to me and answered any questions I had. I also have a very friendly dog who took a liking to him and he was so generous giving her all the pets! I would highly recommend using All American Chimney Service for all your fireplace and chimney needs!"

- Adi S.

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